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About Us

Healthy by Nature is hosted by Certified Clinical Nutritionist, author and media veteran, Martie Whittekin. Martie interviews authors, doctors and other experts who are at the top of their fields. While entertaining in the process, Healthy by Nature aims to educate with responsible science-based information and empower listeners to choose a healthful path leading to family wellness, abundant energy and a bright outlook.

Principles for which the show stands

• The gradual decline in health and vigor with aging is typical in the USA but it is unnatural and unnecessary. We can be active and healthy to an advanced age if we learn to obey nature’s laws.

• Diseases are not drug deficiencies. When we stop burdening the body with an excess of things it cannot handle (e.g. stress, sugar and toxins), and provide the nutritional support it needs to function optimally, miracles happen!

• All drugs are guaranteed to have side effects. In contrast, most natural approaches have fringe benefits. It just makes sense to use less toxic and non¬invasive approaches first and save the heavy artillery of drugs and surgery for emergencies.

• We believe that most doctors do the best they can in a broken system. However, to avoid over-treatment and missed opportunities, consumers must arm themselves with the nutrition and prevention information that the average doctor has simply not been provided. (They have in fact been taught to fear such things.)

• Health basics include exercise, clean water, adequate sleep, sunshine, a supportive social network, spiritual wholeness, a toxin-free environment, and of course, good nutrition. Good food must be the base but today a sensible dietary supplement plan is also a necessity. Laying a good nutritional supplement foundation provides a broad range of cellular benefits and can limit the number of special supplements needed for specific ailments.

• We recommend products based on research, not hype. High quality products bring the most reliable benefits and are less expensive in the long run. There is a big difference between the common low price and the more rare good value.

Martie Whittekin, CCN Host

• Has hosted the show during throughout its history.

• A nutrition counselor since 1982 and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist for most of that time. She has studied with some of the brightest minds in the natural health field. This background helps her to pick well-qualified guests and to ask questions designed to give listeners actionable information and well as translate into lay language.

• The author of the top-selling Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagamet and Prilosec, (2nd edition published in 2012) and ALOE VERA Modern Science Sheds Light on an Ancient Herbal Remedy (2010).

• Served as President of the National Nutritional Foods Association (which is now the Natural Products Association) during crucial phases of the effort to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. She testified at many congressional hearings and had input into that landmark bill.

• As a founder and head of Texans for Health Freedom (formed to protect a citizen’s right to choose alternative medical treatments) helped obtain at least some protection for doctors using nutrition in their practices.

• Awarded The National Nutritional Foods Association’s 2002 “Crusader Award” and earlier was honored as AWIN (Association of Women in Nutrition) “Woman of the Year in Natural Foods.”

• Served on the Board of Trustees of Bastyr University (a fully accredited medical school teaching natural medicine).

• Married to Bill Whittekin. Has 4 grown children and 2 grandchildren.

• Her hobby is art and decorating cakes.

  Carol Nicholson-Kriegel, RN is a professional radio and television producer with over 25 years of experience.  As our expert in marketing, design, media and industry relations, Carol is a vital part of our team.

Andy Hopkins -Producer
Andy Hopkins
Producer and on-air personality

• Produces RadioMartie and is often Martie’s lively co-host.

• Majored in Radio and TV at Ohio State University and worked as an unpaid intern at WNCI in Columbus as the traffic guy. Andy literally hijacked his way onto the air by recording news stories and sneaking them into the news director’s stack for air the next morning. As a result of making the news director’s job easier, Andy was given a full-time job and a Sunday morning public affairs show.

• Andy encouraged Martie to get into radio and has been the producer and call screener since day one. Andy has considerable nutrition experience which helps him evaluate in-coming listener calls and help them—whether or not they get on the air.

• Married to Debbie. Together they parent 3 dogs and closely follow the OSU Buckeyes.

Darlene Brents
Darlene Brents
Executive Director

Darlene Brents, Executive Director of Healthy By Nature and backup Producer for RadioMartie.  She is the principal contact for the radio host, Martie Whittekin, CCN; providing support to the company in all areas with an emphasis on communication to health and nutrition.  She has a passion for helping others. Darlene also works as a liaison to HealthWorksMart.  Prior to joining Healthy By Nature in 2010, Darlene has always worked in the Executive Administrative field where she maintained an interest of wanting to help the company reach their goals.  She enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her furry friend - Bentley.

Jim Russell
Webmaster/Geek/Brother of Host/Uncle of Producer

Show History

Healthy by Nature is now broadcast on Salem network in many US cities and is available online live, as archived shows, on iHeart Radio and pod casts. It has aired on KWRD in North Texas since August of 1998. We remember fondly the early days when the show hour was preceded by Doug Kaufmann’s live radio show and followed by that of Dr. Cliff Sheats. In 1997 a prior show, The Feel Young and Healthy Show on KAAM (the oldies station) was hosted by Martie for a year with co-host Jim Judd. That station was sold to Disney and changed format. A highlight of that original program was the train that blew its whistle outside the window halfway through every show. Martie was so nervous and concerned that every moment of the show be useful that she practically had a script. Martie and Andy are very grateful for the listeners that suffered through their inexperience then and still listen today.